What problem could lie behind a constant self-consciousness of the body image?

Procreation. The fundamental purpose of all life is survival and propagation. The need to procreate is hard wired into life itself and many complex behaviors. When you feel self-conscious about body image it’s because no matter what your conscious brain says you have primal drivers to be attractive to potential sexual partners, and primal concern that if you aren’t you won’t be able to pass on your genes to the next generation.

The thing is, there are over 7 billion people on Earth. We don’t need any more. And we survive as complex social groups, not individually. The proliferation of the species is not dependent on individual happiness, but it is dependent on individual motivation to mate, so it’s a powerful driver of emotion and behavior. Unfortunately no matter how rational it may be to not be concerned about your sexual attractiveness, humans are more likely to proliferate if they are, and you can’t escape your DNA. Hopefully recognizing the source of these feelings can help you come to terms with them.

When we have unwelcome thoughts, they are usually coming from what I call the “small voice.” Be still for a moment. The small voice is the voice in your head saying, “Small voice? What small voice?”

The small void reports on what we do and chit chats about what we should have done or could do better. For some people, the “small voice” is very negative and can cause upset and sadness if listened to.

I believe that the small voice is sort of an automatic thing, almost robotic. It tries to keep us safe, but often tries to keep us safe from things that can’t really harm us.

It is common to think of that voice as who we are, that it is our personality. I suggest that this is not true. The real you is the part of you that listens to the voice. It is not the negative voice, it listens to it. TO REPEAT: YOU are NOT the robotic negative voice, but that YOU ARE instead the more inner self that directs your actions and observes your life. Once you are clear about that, you can begin to ignore your negative voice much more easily.

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