Top12 Spots – Best coral reefs for snorkeling

Coral reefs, along with tropical forests, make up the planet’s richest ecosystems (but also the most endangered). They contain an incredible diversity of animals and plants, including a quarter of all the world’s sea fish. Outstandingly beautiful, coral reefs are unique places for snorkeling. Snorkeling Report brings you its top 12 most beautiful coral reefs on the planet for snorkelers. Check it out!

▲ The West Bay reef in Roatan is regularly named among the most beautiful and best preserved of the Caribbean. Hard corals, soft corals and sea fans (yellow or purple), draw a magical seascape on the deep blue of the ocean

▲ Siladen Island is part of Bunaken National Marine Park, one of the oldest marine protected areas in Indonesia. This tiny island is entirely fringed by coral reefs offering fabulous coral drop-offs where soft corals, sea anemones and sponges thrive.

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