Top 4 Android Diet Apps with the Most Bang for Your Buck

There Is No Best. There Is Only Best for You.

They may name Android releases after candy and snack foods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your Android phone to keep track of what you eat and help with your diet plan. There are a lot of Android apps designed around the idea of weight loss and food tracking, and the choices are overwhelming. Originally, I chose one paid app, one free app, and one freemium app. (Freemium apps are free to use but unlock more features if you pay for them.) However, SparkPeople is now free, so everything on this list is free to try. I could not find a paid dieting app I’d currently recommend.

There Is No Best. There Is Only Best for You.

This list is not in order of “bestness,” because diet is a very individual thing, and I don’t believe there’s any one app that will be the best app for everyone. Instead, I wanted to give you a few great options and look at the functions and features available in these apps. Do you need a little encouragement? Do you find exact calorie counts confusing? Do you want integration with your smart scale or your activity tracker? There’s an app for that. Rather than finding yourself paralyzed by all the choices (and thus putting off your diet), try to think of the minimum criteria you need and satisfice rather than trying to find the perfect app.

Another thing. I did not choose apps to support a specific diet plan, such as Weight Watchers, Adkins, or South Beach. Rather these are general calorie and dieting apps meant to support a wider variety of users.

I’m not a medical professional, and you should consult with one before you start a diet.

On an Android tablet instead of a phone? No worries. These apps should work with both, and the Google Play store should tell you if it won’t. Speaking of which, if you’re using a Kindle Fire, many of these apps are available from Amazon. If they’re not, you may be able to install them anyway.

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