Top 10 Lists Of Electric Vehicles With the Best Range

Electric vehicles have come a long way. Back in the early days, consumers tended to laugh at the worst EVs on the U.S. market. Once the prize-winning EVs by Tesla appeared, green cars were never the same. As of 2017, you can find Hyundai and BMW officially in the plug-in mix along with Nissan, Tesla, and Detroit. In other words, electric cars are a competitive affair across the globe.

Nonetheless, concerns about price and anxiety about range still exist. To help lower emissions levels and jumpstart the industry, the federal government continues to offer a $7,500 tax credit for buyers of EVs of a certain battery size. Many state governments are making EV purchases even easier for consumers, in some cases offering another $5,000 in discounts off the original sticker price.

Still, every affordable (sub-$30,ooo) EV is unable to cover 140 miles on a charge, so consumers need to do their homework when planning a work commute and other activities in gas-free cars. Here are the top 10 electric vehicles ranked by total driving range.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The 2017 Ioniq Electric

Prior to releasing three versions of the Ioniq, Hyundai only had Sonata hybrids in its green car stable. The situation changed with the arrival of Ioniq Electric ($29,500), which is capable of 124 miles on a full charge. On top of that solid figure, Hyundai’s first pure EV gets a world-beating 136 MPGe combined. No other pure EV comes close, and Ioniq Electric’s 150 MPGe in the city boggles the mind. The EPA estimates you can drive 25 miles at a cost of $0.81 in this car.

Ford Focus Electric

Focus Electric in white gold, 2017 MY

In the 2017 Focus Electric, Ford delivered a viable EV that is still affordable. An electric Focus is capable of 107 combined MPGe and covers 115 miles on a full charge. Compared to the average new car getting 26 miles per gallon, a Focus Electric ($29,120) can save owners at least $4,000 in fuel costs over a period of five years. It has a post-rebate price under $22,000 before you add in state incentives, making it a solid buy in 2017.

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