Top 10 Cute & Most Popular Dog Breeds In The World 2018

Everyone likes an Intelligent Dog Breeds And Also best dog breeds for families So here I have posted a little bit details About dog breeds And Also I am Mentioning dog breeds with names And also here I am Going To Upload dog breeds with pictures.

10. “Basset hound” Dog Breeds

He Also Knows as the Hush Puppy dog, It Seems Those Mournful Eyes, Wrinkly Legs And Oversized Ears Make Are The Hallmark of this Breed from day one! THis Pup’s Miniaturized Version With Those Iconic Features makes Him Absolutely Irresistible. It’s little Bit Difficult to train.

Basset hound puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About  Basset Hound:-

Basset hound Puppies Height – Male: 30 – 38 cm, Female: 28 – 36 cm

Basset hound Puppies Weight – 50 to 65 Pounds

How long Is a Basset hound -Female: 28–36 cm, Male: 30–38 cm

Basset hound Puppy Price – Average $300 – $500 USD

09. “Brussels Griffon” Dog Breed

how is it possible to stuff that much cute into such a little puppy? well, the Brussels Griffon has accomplished just that – that face screams to be kissed Brussels Griffon Is a Small, Intelligent Dog, The Brussels Griffon is good For Apartment And homes With Small Area.

Brussels Griffon puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Puppies Size – Male: 8-10 lbs, Female: 8-10 lbs.

Brussels Griffon Puppies Height – Male: 8 inch, Female: 7 Inch

Brussels Griffon Puppies Life: 12-15 Years

Brussels Griffon Puppy Price – Average $800 – $1000 USD

08. “French Bulldog” Dog Breeds

With Those Over- Sized Bat Ears atop a nit quite full-sized body, this tiny pooch is endearingly out of proportion. Give him a little time and this petite Frenchie will grow into his appendages He Is Companion Dog and Created In Englands Uk To be a Maniature Billdog.

French Bulldog puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About French Bulldog

French Bullgod Puppies Height – 11 inches to 1 foot

French Bullgod Puppies Weight – 16 to 28 pounds

French Bullgod Puppies Life Span – 11 to 14 years

French Bullgod Puppies Price – $1400 to $2000

07. “Corgi” Dog Breed

Stubby legs, a determined personality and a great big heart make this pup a no-brainer as one of the cutest pups around. just look at those big brown eyes, wow. he is aintelligent dogs, also can be stubborn.

Corgi puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About Corgi

Corgi Puppies Height – 10 to 1 foot at the Shoulder

Corgi Puppies Weight – 30 pounds or more Sometimes

Corgi Puppies Life Span – 12 to 14 years

Corgi Puppies Price – $600-1000 depending on the breeder’s location

06. “Labrador Retriever” Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever is a Pretty Young Breed of Dogs, Chubby Tummies, Cherub Faces and all that puppy fuzz make this sweet little guy an absolute magnet. one more thing about him, it comes in golden, black and chocolate is just the cherry on top. short, easy-care coat, friendly, intelligence, and lot’s of energy.

Labrador Retriever Breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Puppies Height – 1 foot, 9 inches to 2 feet tall at the Shoulder

Labrador Retriever Puppies Weight – 55 to 80 pounds

Labrador Retriever Puppies Life – 10 to 12 years

Labrador Retriever  Puppies Price – $800 to $1200

05. “Wheaten Terrier” Dog Breed

Fully Family Dogs, teddy bear look-alike. this mop-haired cutie grows into one of the gentlest breeds around must be all those cuddles they’re sure to grow up. It Is a teddy bear dog breed.

Wheaten Terrier puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terrier Puppies Height – Male: 18-20 inches (46-51 cm), Female: 17-19 inches (43-48 cm)

Wheaten Terrier Puppies Weight – Male: 35-45 pounds (16-20 kg) Female: 30-40 pounds (14-18 kg)

Wheaten Terrier Puppies Origin – Ireland

Wheaten Terrier Puppies life Span – 12 to 15 Years

Wheaten Terrier Puppies Price – Average $800 – $1000 USD


04. “Pug” Dog Breeds

This Is My Favourite Breeds With this distinctive smushy face and curly tail, this little kipper with the plucky personality is just cute as they get. Its distinctive expression is soft and solicitous. Its forehead has large, deep wrinkles. Its coat is fine, smooth and short. Can not tolerate High Heat & Humidity.

pug puppies Breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About Pug

Pug Puppies Height – Male: 13-20 pounds (6-9 kg), Female: 13-18 pounds (6-8 kg)

Pug Puppies Size – small

Pug Puppies Weight – 13 to 20 pounds

Pug Puppies Life – 12 to 15 years

Pug Puppies Price – Average $300 – $500 USD

03. “Beagle” Dog Breed

The Soulful Eyes And Implish Expression make this weet natures pooch pup top of the list when it comes to charming potentioal pet parents, oh, and he can bay, soft, pleading expression. He Is a On Of The intelligent dog breeds.

beagle puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About Beagle

Beagle Puppies Height – Male: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm), Female: 13-15 inches (33-38 cm)

Beagle Puppies Weight -Male: 22-25 pounds (10-11 kg), Female: 20-23 pounds (9-10 kg)

Beagle Puppies Origin – United Kingdom

Beagle Puppies Life – 12 to 15 years

Beagle Puppies Price – Average $500 – $800 USD

02. ”English Bulldog” Dog Breeds

English Bulldog is Cutest of the Wrinkle Puppies, excellent companion for children. you have just got to love this sturdy little boy with the stockey legs, jowly jaw line and confident attitude. no wonder this breed has so many devotees.

english bulldog Puppies breeds, Dog Breeds

Some Facts About English Bulldog

English Bulldog Puppies Height – 16017 inch.

English Bulldog Puppies Weight – 50 -60 lbs.

English Bulldog Puppies Life – 7 to 10 years

English Bulldog Puppies Price – $1,500-$3,000 dollars

01. “Boxer” Dog Breeds

Boxer Puppies Are Running So Fast, high energy and need lots of exercises, if you are thinking to buy him then you have more time, desire and energy to give him. Trust Me They Have a Unique Smile, They can be stubborn But The Boxer puppies are really the sweetest, biggest, couch potatoes. Boxer’s Are most intelligent dog breed.

boxer dogs breed, Dog Breeds

Some Facts about Boxer Puppies

Boxer Puppies Height – 1 foot, 9 inches to 2 feet tall at the shoulder

Boxer Puppies Weight – 60 to 70 pounds

Boxer Puppies Life Span – 10 to 12-year

Boxer Puppies Price –  $300 and $500.  (India –  INR 6000 to 50,000.)

So finally I wrote a complete article about Best Dog Breeds. All these are also family dog breeds and best dog breeds for kids As Well As. I hope you like it. If You Like Then Share This Article Who Is a Pet Lover.