The Reason Why These 50 Cars Are Worst Popular Cars of the ’80s

ome pretty bad cars have been made throughout the years, and most of them seem to have been the result of the questionable engineering and design of the ’80s. Seriously, it might be best if we just pretended that this stretch of 10 years never happened, and if it took most of the ’70s with it that would be OK too.

We’ve gone back and looked at the various automotive horrors of the decade, and we can definitively say that these are The 50 Worst Cars of the ’80s.

50. Oldsmobile Firenza

Year Introduced: 1982

Why It’s Terrible: The Chevrolet Cavalier is so bad that all its cousins are on this list. The Oldsmobile Firenza was basically just a more expensive Cavalier. [sarcasm] Yay. [/sarcasm]

49. Cadillac Cimarron

Year Introduced: 1982

Why It’s Terrible: Cadillac had always specialized in making massive cars, but times were changing and in 1982, the company’s first small car was introduced. It was a terrible rebadged Chevy Cavalier, and it has taken Cadillac 30 years to get it right with the awesome ATS.

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