The Cool Cars: 15 Cars You Can Drive Forever

Cars in general have become more reliable over the years. Yet there are some models that just seem to keep rolling along, whistling past the junkyard. Pinpointing exactly how many miles, on average, any given model has racked up is virtually impossible, but we’ve identified 15 cars with exceptional—sometimes surprising—endurance and value.

We bet you’ve seen one of these still cruising the highway recently. Oh, and if you’re wondering where your beloved Ford F-150 or other truck is, note that we skipped traditional trucks altogether. Trucks are supposed to last forever.

Honda Accord

Model years: 1976-Present

Here’s a wager: Next time you’re out for a spin, watch for a nondescript, tan or silver four-door. Good chance it’s a Honda Accord.

Combine reliability and best-selling status—a true virtuous cycle—and you get ubiquity. Exactly what it is about Honda that provides such durability is the subject of much debate (and much corporate envy/espionage involving Honda’s design and manufacturing processes). But surely some of it has to do with the fact that Honda Motor Company puts its engines and engineering first. Look up Honda Accord in Consumer Reports’ ratings and you will see a sea of red dots that indicate owners have darn few problems with these cars.

The smaller Honda Civic shares much of the quality but is more likely to be modified by its owners to look flashier and run louder, with maintenance simultaneously neglected. So the Accord gets our nod.

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