The Best Guide To Buy Stocks Online You Can Try

Best Online Brokerages

You have a number of trading options with online brokers — many offer mutual funds, bonds and exchange-traded funds in addition to regular stocks. To help you narrow your search and decide which service to use, check out the following information on some of the best online stock brokerages.

Here are the best online brokerages for your investments:

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers came in second — behind only Fidelity Investments — on Barron’s 2017 list of best online brokers. A popular site for international investing, the platform charges just $0.005 per share for trades, with a minimum of $1. Designed for active traders, the firm charges a minimum monthly activity fee of $10 for accounts with balances of at least $2,000 and $20 for accounts with less than that.


One major appeal of OptionsHouse is its low commission rates — most notably $4.95 for stocks and $1.50 for futures. It offers a mobile app that can alert you to earning announcements and insider trades on the companies in your portfolio.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade offers online stock trades for a competitive rate of $6.95. New investors get free trading for 60 days when you deposit at least $3,000. In addition, you’ll get bonus cash for larger deposits.

For experienced traders, TD Ameritrade offers advanced trading platforms — like “thinkorswim” — that come with sophisticated investment tools. The company also provides real-time streaming and level II quotes for free.

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