The 18 Best Hidden Features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Hack Your Galaxy Note 8 Usability

The Samsung Assistant Menu allows on-handed access to some of the most used features of your Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a large phone and can be difficult to use one-handed, but these tips help solve that problem.

  1. Turn on the Assistant Menu: The assistant menu is a small menu that’s easier to access when you’re using one hand to navigate your phone. To enable it, go to Settings and tap Accessibility. Then choose Dexterity and interaction and toggle on the Assistant menu. With it on, tap Assistant menu to change and reorder options and add capabilities to the menu.
  2. Turn On One-Handed Mode: An alternative to the Assistant Menu is to turn on One-Handed Mode to create a smaller, more accessible screen. To turn on this feature, go into Settings, tap Advanced features, and toggle on One-handed mode. Then, when you need to quickly access One-handed mode, just swipe up from the corner to reduce your screen size.  When you’re finished, tap outside the reduced display area to go back to full screen.
  3. Easy Open Notification Panel: Open the Notification Panel, also called a window shade,using your finger print scanner. To enable this feature, open Settings and tap Advanced Features. Toggle on Finger sensor gestures, then you can slide your fingertip over the finger sensor on the back of the Galaxy Note 8 to open and close your Notifications Panel.
  4. Hide the Navigation Bar: The navigation bar at the bottom of your phone screen contains Home, Back, and Open Apps buttons. On some screens you can hide this navigation bar to regain screen real estate by double tapping the small dot on the far left side of the navigation bar. Then, if you need the navigation bar again, just slide your finger up from the bottom. You can re-pin the navigation bar in place by double tapping the dot again.
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