The 18 Best Hidden Features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Meet Your Personal Assistant: Bixby

Bixby lets you access apps and capabilities with your voice.

Bixby is the Samsung voice assistant that can help you access all kinds of device features. To wake the Bixby assistant, press and hold the Bixby key on the left side of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or go into the Bixby settings to enable the wake words (“Hi Bixby”).

  1. Bixby Voice Controls: Ask Bixby to open compatible applications or to take you to device settings. After waking the assistant, just say “Open” and the name of the app you want to open, you can also tell it to take you to specific device settings or to turn features (like flashlight, notifications, or phone volume) on or off.
  2. Bixby Vision: Bixby Vision is an easy way to perform an image search, translate text, or find a nearby restaurant. Point your camera at an option and activate your Bixby assistant then say “Open Bixby Vision and tell me what this is.” The assistant will walk you through an image search. You can also use Bixby Vision directly from your camera app to translate or capture text.
  3. Dictate Text with Bixby: Open a note taking app and then activate Bixby. Say “Dictate” and then what you would like to have dictated. Bixby will turn your voice to text.
  4. Post to Social Media: Activate Bixby and say, “Post my last photo to,” and then say the name of the social media you want to use. Bixby opens the app and starts the post. You add a caption and tap the Share button.
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