Snorkeling destinations: 11 of the best places in the world

5. The Philippines

Don’t usually think of the Philippines as a “go to” destination for snorkeling?

WWF’S Sano stresses that it’s one of the most beautiful places for underwater activity.

“Many of our frequent snorkelers have said that this was their favorite trip — they were delightfully surprised,” he says.

Made up of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is home to one of the most populous and diverse ecosystems on the planet.

A notable standout is the Bay of Donsol, home to whale sharks — the world’s largest living fish. Visitors have the opportunity to swim next to these gentle and friendly giants.

Another area worth checking out is Noa Noa Island, which has thousands of colorful reef fish and thriving reefs.

6. Silver Bank (Dominican Republic)

Silver Bank is one of only a few places in the world where humans can swim and snorkel alongside humpback whales.

It’s in a relatively shallow stretch of the Caribbean Sea, making it off limits to large ships.

This makes it a safe haven for the North Atlantic humpback whale population to mate and give birth.

Snorkelers can catch up with the humpback whales between December and April, when they pass through the area.

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