How the Bryan Bros became golf’s greatest trick shot team

As a steady stream of golf trick shot videos began going viral early in 2014, Wesley Bryan began having thoughts of making his own. After seeing one particular video blow up on YouTube in which two guys teamed up at a range, Bryan had seen enough.

“That’s a joke, George,” he said to his older brother. “Let’s just try it.”

After making a video and posting it on Instagram and Facebook, the two brothers launched a YouTube channel on March 15. Just a few months later, the Bryan Bros have become a big deal in the world of golf trick shots thanks in large part to this video they made with a GoPro. Here’s a recent video they made for in which they pull off their shots while wearing glow-in-the-dark suits:

So what makes the Bryan Bros stand out (other than the glow-in-the-dark suits)? The fact that their shots are less about being tricks and more about actual golf skill. Both George, 26, and Wesley, 24, are professional golfers who were previously standouts at the University of South Carolina, boasting the school’s best and sixth-best career scoring records, respectively.

“We pride ourselves on the fact we center it around real golf,” said George, who was a PING All-American three times.

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