Step 6: Battery Box With Power Switch

Picture of Battery Box With Power Switch

keeping the battery and pump protected from the elements inside a full size battery case .

Step 7: Inside View of Battery Box With Motor

Picture of Inside View of Battery Box With Motor

An inside view of the standard size battery case and equipment layout. the solar cell was left with clamp connections in order to enable quick removal of the battery case lid for cleaning and maintenance.
The pump was recycled from an older sailboat. The battery is a standard size lawn tractor 12v, and with proper maintenance should last 6-10 years before being needing to be recycled at the depot.
An older car battery that just doesn’t have the power to crank the car fast anymore would be more than adequate for this application, and a great alternative to buying a new battery.
The 5.5W solar cell was also recycled for a fraction of it’s original cost from an online classified, and solar cells have a lifespan of aprox 15-20 years. I wanted this little project to last as long as possible before needing any repairs.

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