35 DIY Pottery Barn Hacks For Design On A Budget

Take a look at these DIY Pottery Barn hacks and craft ideas! You can get the same beautifully simple and rustic room decor for a fraction of the price. No more sticker shock, just pure Pottery Barn style! Hello, Sovrn!

35 Pottery Barn Hacks For Design On A Budget

Make your own home look straight out of glossy Pottery Barn catalogs. I’ve DIY headboards and DIY coffee tables, or choose from the smaller craft ideas to start like the mason jar lights or a DIY mirror. I’ve even included some kids bedroom ideas they’ll love. So whether you’re looking for DIY lighting ideas, crafts to add to your room decor, or DIY furniture with awesome storage additions, this list of Pottery Barn hacks has something for everyone!

1. Mason Jar Pendant Light

Mason Jar Pendant Light | DIY Pottery Barn Hacks
image via DIY Projects

A beautiful pendant light enhances any room’s character and style, but designer pendant light can be very costly. Beat all odds by creating this DIY mason jar pendant light. It boasts a vintage charm that will captivate anyone who will see it.

2. Rustic Wooden Headboard

Rustic Wooden Headboard | DIY Pottery Barn Hacks
image via DIY Network

You’ll surely love this rustic wooden headboard. The rustic appeal is simply astounding. And the best part is, it can be done at any skill level, so novice DIY-ers rejoice! This is one of the best Pottery Barn hacks around!

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