9 Ways To Lower Your Handicap This Year

  • Go To The Range

And keep going to the range. It’s not enough to play as many rounds as you can. Hitting balls at the range helps to groove a repetitive swing (hopefully, not a bad one) and will keep the number of “I haven’t played this poorly in years!” rounds down. So go to the range early¬†and¬†often.

  • Practice Your Short Game, Too

When was the last time you practiced your short game? You know, really practiced beyond just rolling a few putts before teeing off on No. 1? This year, pick a putting drill and commit to practicing it before or after every round for 15 minutes. And really work on those four-footers. Columbia professor Mark Broadie writes that a 90-golfer makes 84 percent of his/her three-footers (a scratch golfer makes 93 percent), but just 65% from four feet, while a scratch golfer converts 80 percent. Those putts just outside the gimme range can add up quickly.

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