If you’re a skier or snowboarder, maybe you’ve seen it from a distance or up close in person, but you definitely know that one run you’d probably be better off avoiding.

You only live once, so these gnarly rides are only for experienced Olympians on steroids who have momentarily lost all sense of fear, anxiety, and logical reasoning. For the rest of us down-to-earth snow bunnies, we can simply emphasize a resounding no thanks under our neck warmers as we pizza ski down Green Circle Path to Paradise Valley.

9. The Heathen, Sunlight Mountain Resort, Glenwood Springs

Difficulty: Double BlPostack Diamond
Elevation: 8,888 feet
Vertical Drop: 240 feet
Length: 437 feet

Aww, Sunlight Mountain sounds so magical! Wrong. Not very popular out of the infamous Colorado ski resorts, the run nicknamed “The Heathen” starts out our list since it’s one of the steepest in-bound runs in the state. Sunlight Mountain in general isn’t very big and The Heathen isn’t very long, but hurdling yourself off a snowy cliff at a bunch of trees below might be just slightly intimidating for most mammals.

8. Chute 1, Steamboat Ski Resort, Steamboat Springs

Difficulty: Double Black Diamond
Elevation: 10,423 feet
Vertical Drop: 249 feet
Length: 410 feet

There’s a huge difference between a “slope” and a “chute” if that’s what you’re wondering. Literally at the top of Chute 1, you’ll be looking at well, a chute. No trees. Nothing. Just you and the straight white abyss leading into what is possibly the little town of Steamboat Springs nestled somewhere thousands of feet below you. How fun!

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