8 Innovative Smart Cameras: Best Affordable Smart Home Security Cameras 2018

From our smartphones and wearables to our laptops and consoles, our devices are now connected for additional convenience. Therefore, the smart security camera movement didn’t take long to catch on, with cameras now having access to Wi-Fi networks in order to store footage on the cloud or to send notifications to your phone whenever something’s off.

If you are looking to get your hands on one of these extremely-developed security cameras, here is a list of the best and most innovative ones currently on the market.

Best Smart Home Security Cameras 2018

1. Lighthouse AI

Lighthouse-AI security camera

The first one on the list is “so much more than the best security camera”. How so? It doubles as a personal assistant, like the Amazon Echo, but it also contains an advanced security system.

Being a complete security system, it allows you to live stream your home from any device supported in 1080p, sends you snaps of whatever triggered its alarm on your phone so that you can choose whether to call the police or sound an audio cue to scare potential burglars off, and it can even recognize persons and supervise your home at night.

The interesting part about its assistant features is that because the Lighthouse AI is able to recognize certain objects and persons, you can talk to the assistant and ask it questions such as “What did the kids do while I was gone?” or even set it to “ping” you on your phone whenever something specific happens (or doesn’t happen), such as someone coming home or nobody taking the dog for a walk in the morning.

Perhaps one thing that drags the Lighthouse AI down is its awkward design. Trying to emulate the Amazon Echo’s big tubular shape, this security camera is easy to spot, and therefore easy to avoid once you know its location. However, there is the (costly) option of mounting several Lighthouse devices in your house, if you want to go for complete protection.

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