8 Examples Of Incredible Sustainable Architecture

There are myriad ways to live more sustainably. You could use renewable energy, recycle or grow your own produce, but some take it a step further, using sustainable architecture in the built environment.

This design focus seeks to minimize the negative impact of buildings and construction on our ecosystems, achieved through the efficient and the moderate use of materials, energy and development space. Many new materials, techniques and ideas are still in the experimental stage, but a host of ‘green’ buildings have been created worldwide, featuring remarkable, eco-friendly designs. Here are eight of our favorite approaches.

straw bale buildings

Straw bales are an agricultural by-product that can be reused to build walls, requiring little energy. They have excellent insulation properties, are long-lasting, and in the event that a structure needs to come down or be replaced, straw is 100% biodegradable, making its impact on the environment minimal.

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