7 Best Compact Cameras for Stunning Low Light Photography

Taking photos at night can be fun and the photos you produce could be the best shots you’ll ever get of a location. Whether you’re in the city trying to capture light trails or in the outback trying to capture the Milky Way in all its glory, you’ll need a good camera.

Of course, the better sensor your camera has, the better quality your night time shots will be. But you can still achieve some amazing low light photographs with the following compact cameras.

Best Features for Low Light Digital Cameras

For compact cameras that take great low light shots, you’ll want to look at ISO performance, the size of the sensor and whether the camera can shoot in RAW.

The ISO settings on your camera are used to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity. The higher your ISO setting goes, the less likely it is you’ll need a flash or additional artificial lighting.

Be careful though. High ISO settings can produce grainy photos. To correct this, go for a camera with a larger sensor. A larger sensor usually means the camera has more megapixels, which can translate to lower image noise and a higher dynamic range.

Ricoh GR II

ricoh gr ii

The Ricoh GR II has a maximum ISO range of 1078 and a 16.2 megapixel sensor. That gives you the ability to capture high-resolution night images with reduced noise.

It is also NFC and Wi-Fi enabled and has a GR remote application so you can easily tweak your settings using your smartphone.

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