You cannot afford NOT to understand investing

In the last series we talked about how you can start a business at home even if you work outside your home country. I really hope you managed to pick up some principles, which will help you in your search for greater understanding of these important issues.

Now I want to talk about investing, as many of you have been asking about this subject. So I’m going to make a short series on investing.

Let me begin by saying, if every post I have ever written was on the subject of investing, it would not be enough:

This is a huge subject, and I’m only going to scratch the surface. If you really want to deepen your understanding, you must use what I say as a launch pad to help you get into the subject, and then buy books and read as much material as you can over the next few years. If possible even take some courses, even Online. It WILL be an important start to “Investing”.

# if you do not know how to invest properly you will never really have any wealth of your own.

You might earn a lot of money working as a professional somewhere, even in the Diaspora. You might even be a very successful businessman or woman, but if you do not know how to invest, the money will just pass through you like a fast moving stream of water.

Investing well is not about how educated you are, because I have met many highly educated people, who have very limited understanding of how to invest.

Everyone should try and understand what investing is, and what it is not.

There is no one who does not have something to invest. Even if you are running a church, you must learn to invest properly and professionally:

# Oh how I wish all God’s people were good investors of money.

# Investing must be always at the forefront whether you are in business or working! The big question is do you know how to invest properly?

How much thought have you really put into this subject?

On your bookshelf, how many books do you have with the title, “Investing..”?

– Have I provoked you?

Remember real truth is always confrontational:

You cannot afford not to know how to invest…properly.