12 DIY Hammock Ideas to Elevate Your Napping to a Whole New Level

A recent summer spent traveling around South East Asia sparked my now eternal love for hammocks. The majority of places we stayed had a specified hammock area where we would spend our downtime casually swinging between the trees, enjoying the sun and the ultimate relaxation.

I used to be somewhat good at building dens when I was younger, and I can’t imagine that erecting a basic hammock can be too complicated. Having never had a hammock in my garden I have been devastatingly limited to regular chairs, which aren’t half as fun.

There are multiple different styles, shapes, and sizes of hammocks out there, all of which are achievable DIYs. If you don’t have a garden then down lose hope as there are ways of having them inside or hammock chairs for smaller outdoor spaces.

1. Drop Cloth Hammock

This Drop Cloth Hammock is a pretty classic design, so if you are looking for something simple and relatively unobtrusive, then it would be perfect. Both the drop cloth and the rope look thick and sturdy, so I reckon this would stand the test of time.

I like that this hammock is quite wide, perfect for filing it up with comfy cushions and throws. If you wanted to stick to neutral colors as in this example, then you could do so, but it could be fun to change it up a little. Have a shop around to see the different colors of rope that are available, and consider dyeing the fabric to make it bright and colorful.

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